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  • ID 301271Property ID
  • 2060 M2 Built Area
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Yes Car Parking
  • Type Finca
  • Location Alella
  • Province Barcelona
  • Country Spain
  • Status For Sale
  • Reference ID 301271
  • Price € €3,000,000
  • Bedrooms 5
  • Bathrooms 4
  • Parking YES
  • Swimming Pool Private
  • Built Area M2 2060
  • Plot Area M2 120000

Exclusive masia located a few minutes away from Barcelone and walking distance to the beach and the village centre, situated in a rural and residential landscape, surrounded by masias with a great architectural charm.

About the plot

Fenced plot, irrigated land, orchard, 3 greenhouses, forest, vineyards, orange trees, garden area, own source of water and large lake with crystal clear water with gazebo and pier.

The property has two MASIAS, one of them newly built and another to restore

Masia 1 (731sqm)

Fenced land fully independent from the rest of the propierty, garden area and rustic pool’s area, porch for vehicles. The house has been painstakingly restored, preserving all the original elements and equipped with all the modern amenities. Masia: Large living room, designer kitchen, pantry, bathroom, bedroom with dressing room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, hall, Games Room, 3 bedrooms, cellar, 3 storage rooms. Guest house: It consists of large living room with pre-installation for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom designed in rustic style, large living room with access to a large terrace.

Masia 2 (1300 sqm)

Old masia Masia with two levels, composed of a main body and several annexes formerly intended for animals, cellar and barns. There are the remains of an original sundial on the principal facade.

This is a singular property due to its location, size and exclusivity, there is no such property for sale throughout the Maresme at this distance of Barcelona.

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Property ID: 301271